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Raw Premium Pigments

The WynnColor Ink Set

The WynnColor Ink Set

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The WynnColor Educational ink set was created to teach how to mix color tattoo ink while actively working. This simple mixing set uses standardized learning tools that need only 3 ink mixing secrets to get 5 levels of any color easily. This makes learning faster and easier.

I can only imagine the impact that learning about light and color at the beginning of my career, instead of a decade in, would have had on my artistic journey.  

After 8 years of scrambling to get my head around the craft of tattooing, plateaued for years, I was beyond frustrated.  Then in 2021 I finally stumbled head first into light theory.  I had heard a very well known and successful tattoo artist talking about studying the sphere form for the first time.

2021 was a year of non stop artistic enlightenment and growth.  It happened at such a fast pace,  I could barely keep track of all my discoveries.  

Thankfully, I had already started writing “Unlocking The Freedom Of Color” and the book became a technical journal, a log of my artistic awakening and how it directly applied to body art.   

What is now the WCS textbook, is an unbiased documentation of exactly what visual and written information was needed to trigger these important discoveries, and has now begun to help others to have similar experiences.

The book uses visual learning to promote artistic growth, enlightenment, and ultimately help cause the same paradigm shift in the way the reader thinks about and perceives body art.

All it does is explain the building blocks of art in a very carefully constructed sequence so that everything you need to understand each concept builds upon the previous topic.

Join us as we Unlock The Freedom Of Color.




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