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Learning to use what we call The Raw6 opened up a whole world of Black ink we didn’t know we were missing.  Using the same Black & Jet-Black for almost a decade we thought Black was pretty much one size fits all.  

If you feel like we did: that changing it up might have a negative impact on our work… what if there was a set of Black inks that promoted artistic growth,  while promoting  greater creativity, visual impact and precision in your work instead?  

Enter The Raw 6:

6 Black inks that will change the way you think about creating body art.

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Raw Premium Pigments

The Raw6 (Black Ink) Set

The Raw6 (Black Ink) Set

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Purchase all 6 Black inks together… and  change the way you think about making body art@

** Here we offer all 6 bottles of Black from Raw Pigments a in 1 Oz, 2 Oz, or 4 Oz set.   


X1 Shading Black - Shading Black is the ideal formula for making drop washes.  It disperses into the mixing solutions smoothly and evenly giving you a nice soft smooth blending and solid wash saturation.  It’s not meant for lining or packing but we have better options for that.  

X2 Pitch Black - Pitch is the first formula create by Raw and is a silky, fast lining black that can also do washes, though we like to put shading black out for that.  Switching from other brands, this Black might feel the most familiar.

X3 Vantage Black is a thicker goopier version of Pitch, which means it doesn’t spill all over the skin, which saves your stencil.  It’s a little slower to work with, with more dipping in the ink cap needed, but on intricate linework designs, it’s a all star lining black that heals jet black..

X4 Midnight -  Midnight is a very pretty, very Blue, black.  It heals cool and mixes great like a Blue shade.  If you are looking for a moody black that will heal with zero hints of green, Midnight is for you.

X5 Raven is a messy Black that easily saturates areas with pigment because it spreads over the skin.   It goes in fast and easily creates with smooth blends and heals with high contrast giving realism tattoo incredible depth and visual impact.  (I would not run lines with it as it can be a little too loose for that.

X6 Black  Mamba is a more intense version of Raven Black, and it has the highest pigment count of the Raw6.  It is thick and very, very dark w a Cool Violet undertone.  It will heal very dark, giving  great depth and contrast.  It’s is a very messy Black like Raven.  It works great as a much darker version of midnight for mixing into color for a very deep contrast.




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