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Electrum Ink Color Code - 2 Procreate Palettes and 11”x17” Digital Poster

Electrum Ink Color Code - 2 Procreate Palettes and 11”x17” Digital Poster

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Tired of using boring generic color swatches?

Break The Mold!

With this Electrum Ink digital package!


- 2 procreate palettes w/ 45 Coded Electrum Ink Swatch Cards

- 11x17 Digital Reference Poster w Value/Hue charts (Can be used as Canvas Palette in other drawing apps)

- Color Descriptions

- Color Code Syntax Explanation


  • quickly make important color decisions 
  • easily get a value/darkness rating of any ink color as 1-9
  • always know which colors will blend together best
  • always know which colors are the same value for mixing
  • easily know which new colors to add to your palette
  • easily check which way a color is leaning 


  • ECc Value Grid
  • ECc Color Wheel
  • ECc Swatch Stacks
  • Color Accurate Swatches
  • Color Names & Color Codes
  • Color Descriptions


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