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Raw Premium Pigments

B15 Blue Sky

B15 Blue Sky

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Blue Sky(5) is a classic Sky Blue that is extremely versatile in mixing, much like our Primary Light Red and Bright Yellow.  However, to make true Secondary Blue I mix equal parts Blue Sky and Royal Blue (from B2 Primary group) because it would fall right between them both in value and in Hue.  

Pure Secondary Blue is not a popular color except for mixing, but it’s important because of what I’m going to say next.  I tend to only use Blue Sky to pull or mix colors towards Yellow, and I use Royal Blue to pull and mix colors towards Red, and I get better, cleaner results that way.  For example, I would reach for Sky blue to make or pull a Turquoise, and Royal Blue to make or pull a Violet.

Raw’s Blue Sky is spot on as a Curelluan Blue for any painters out there.  


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