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11” x 17” Raw Color Code - Small Poster Singles

11” x 17” Raw Color Code - Small Poster Singles

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All the same info as on the full sized poster… The Raw Color Code:

The Raw Color Code (RawCc) turns the entire Raw Premium Pigments ink line into a simplified color system. 

The RawCc inspires greater creativity by combining ease of use and accessibility, with true practical application.


  • quickly make important color decisions 
  • easily get a value/darkness rating of any ink color as 1-9
  • always know which colors will blend together best
  • always know which colors are the same value for mixing
  • easily know which new colors to add to your palette
  • easily know which way a color is leaning 


  • RawCc Value Grid
  • RawCc Color Wheel
  • RawCc Swatch Stacks
  • Color Accurate Swatches
  • Color Names & Options
  • Online Color Theory & Mixing Directory
  • Free online video courses on tattoo color theory

More About Our Prints

Our printing methods and archival paper ensure a fantastic final product.  

Photo Gloss - This premium HP photo gloss paper supplies vibrant colors and superior fade resistance at a very competitive price, also ensuring perfect color, =)+ finish plus a 200-year archival rating.

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee is a French term meaning "to spray" and represents the style of inkjet printing. Our large fori5mat inkjet printers use small spraying instruments that match colors and apply ink precisely, giving artists a high-quality impression of their original artwork.


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