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The WynnColor System

Full 6-module course

WCS is free, one-of-a-kind 6-module art and digital design education program.  

We teach a streamlined and completely visual version of art theory created specifically to make designing and creating body art easier, faster and more fun.

WynnColor Full Course Overview

  • WCS Visual Learning Textbook

    The 5 Sections of “Unlocking The Freedom Of Color” correlate directly to the WCS full course modules.

    View The textbook 
  • WynnColor Set

    The WynnColor Set was created to help make learning to work with color more accessible.

    View The Ink Set 
  • iPad w/ Procreate & Apple Pencil

    We teach on an Apple iPad with anApple Pencil, using Procreate & Photoshop Express.

  • WynnColor Procreate Palettes

    We use the WCS Procreate 5-Palette & Brush System to make the design and tattoo process seemless.

    View Palettes 
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Module 1: Light Theory

Light the way

We learn a foundation of Light/Value theory and simplify it down to five levels, which makes tattooing with value much easier. 

We reduce all of light theory to asking ourselves the question: “How much light is on the object?”. 

Module 1
WynnColor system wynn wheel

Module 2: Color Theory

Win with color

We make learning much easier by using a specialized ink set shaped like a color wheel: The Wynn Wheel.

This allows us to need only 3 simple ink mixing secrets to mimic the principles of light.  

Module 2

Module 3: Digital Design

Design colorful tattoos the fun way

We teach an elegantly simplified and practical digital design flow that correlates to the 3 mixing secrets using 5 Procreate Palettes.

We introduce the Raw Value Map or RVM-Flash, a new  way to draw tattoo flash which acts as a topagraphical roadmap of light and color.

Module 3

Module 4: Color Schemes

Learn the rules (then break them)

Color-Schemes are groupings or patterns of colors that are known to work harmoniously with each other.

We go over how to use Color-Schemes to choose colors more easily , and with less fear, while tattooing.

Module 4

Module 5: Ink Mixing

Mix it up

We explain how to Premix or mix tattoo ink on-the-fly in a few short videos.  

We give a an example of how to approach a larger palette.

Module 5

Module 6: Tattoo Composition

Bring it aLl together

We learn about tattoo composition and how to use things like value and saturation to control the movement of the eye. 

The WynnColor System ultimately aims to remove fear, helping artists find  a new freedom in working with color.

Module 6