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QuickStart Guide Video Course

The WynnColor fast track

Recommended: If you want to start mixing ink right away.
Length: 40min (15min Lecture / 25min Ink Mixing)

Overview: In the “QuickStart Guide” we’ve condensed the 100 pbook into a 20 page visual learning guide to go with the QuickStart video course. We focus on applying 3 color mixing secrets to get 5 levels of depth in color tattoo art.

Each QuickStart set focuses on mixing two colors at a time, to show form by creating the illusion of shadows and light. 

QS1: QuickStart Overview

Two pages on tattoo color theory from the QuickStart z guide

QuickStart Guide: Part 1

get better faster (15 min)

These three videos quickly cover Light Theory, Color Theory and Ink Mixing. For more info check Modules 1, 2 & 5 of the full course.

(3min) QS 02: Tattoo Light Theory Simplified

(4min) QS 03: Tattoo Color Theory Simplified

(5min) QS 04: Mixing 5-Values In Color

QS2: Simplified Tattoo Light Theory

QS-3: Simplified Tattoo Color Theory

QS-4: Simplified Tattoo Ink Mixing

QuickStart mixing sheet example’

QuickStart Guide: Part 2

Ink Mixing Videos (26min)

(10min) The Red Rose Set - Mixing Red and Green 

(10min) The Sun Set - Mixing Blue & Orange

(6min) The Dramatic Set - Mixing Yellow & Violet

(7min) - The Teriary Set

QS-5: Red Rose Set

QS-6: Dramatic Set

QS-7: Sun Set

QS-8: Tertiary Set

WynnColor system wynn wheel


Here are a few extra videos from Module 2 on Color Theory that help understand the color wheel better.

Extra: How Tattoo Ink Intereact With LIght And Color Theory

Extra: Paint a 5-Value Gradient With The Red Rose QuickStart Set.

Extra: Paint The Wynn Wheel with Primary Red, Blue & Yellow

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