The Raw Color Code

The future of ink has arrived!

The Raw Color Code (RawCc) turns the entire Raw Premium Pigments ink line into a simplified color system.

The RawCc inspires greater creativity by combining ease of use and accessibility, with true practical application.

How It Works

Each color of tattoo ink in the Raw Premium Pigments full collection now has it's own unique Raw Color Code or RawCc!

  • Hue group info graphic
  • Mixing group infographic
  • Value group info graphic
  • Raw color code value grid

    RawCc Value Grid

    A grid chart shows the Hue and Mixing Group going (in order) down the left side. Nine levels of value go from light (on the left) to darker (on the right).

  • Raw color code wheel

    RawCc Color Wheel

    A color wheel is split into the twelve main hues. Each Hue is then divided (as needed) into two Mixing Groups. Nine levels of Value go from light (on the inside) to dark (on the outside).

  • Twenty-seven stacks of digital color swatches, turns the Raw

    27 Swatch Stacks

    Twenty-seven stacks of digital color swatches, turns the Raw Pigments full line into a canvas palatte in any application.

Raw Color Code main poster in 16x20 and 11x17 from the front along with Procreate palettes

RawCc Digital Bundle

Each artist can use these in unique ways

Each color has been painstakingly adapted to the iPad with color and value accuracy in mind. The three 30-Swatch palettes also come with a canvas palette for other programs.

We quickly understand how the The RawCc works by putting these colors into three unique and powerfully useful patterns.


- quickly make important color decisions 

- easily get a value/darkness rating of any ink color as 1-9

- always know which colors will blend together best

- always know which colors are the same value for mixing

- easily know which new colors to add to your palette

- easily know which way a color is leaning 

RawCc Digital Bundle
RawCc lookup logo magnifying glass

The RawCc Lookup

Located in the main menu

Quick Access directory of color information and mixing suggestions, for all Hue Groups, Mixing Groups, and individual colors.

RawCc Lookup Overview