Raw Premium Pigments

premium ink in a class by itself

Raw Premium Pigments (Raw) is an innovative pigment company upping the tattoo ink game.  They’ve created a unique acrylic-free ink and are providing it strait from them, the pigment source, to the artist.

Source to skin means Raw is passionate about making sure guaranteed premium quality ink, with unmatched batch consistency, gets to the professional artists who need it.

Acrylic- Free

Will not dry out

We find Raw Premium Pigments look rich and vivid compared to acrylic inks.  Acrylic inks can’t compete with Raw’s all natural, organic and vegan formula.

Being acrylic-free, they do not evaporate and effortlessly saturate the skin.  Their proven color fastness is nothing short of remarkable.

And they smell fresh and natural..

Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free

There’s no reason not to love this ink

Raw Pigments pigments are Vegan Friendly. They do not contain any animal by-products. No animal products were used during the production or packaging process.

Give your clients a truley all-natural and vegan tattoo.

Never have we ever tested on animals!

Much Easier To Work With

We find them much easier to work with, feeling a bit thicker and stickier, yet still fluid.  This means they mix a tiny bit more slowly, making mixing easier and to feel a lot more like paint.  

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