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Module 2: Simplified Color Theory


We explain what a color is (HSL). We create a generic color wheel and apply it to our ink set, which is shaped like a color wheel, to create The Wynn Wheel. We use this special color wheel and 3 ink mixing secrets to get 5 levels of value in color easily. This takes away the fear of working with color, and makes it possible to practice and learn color theory and ink mixing while you are actively tattooing. 

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Lab 2A (15min): Paint a color wheel on paper using Primary (Red, Blue, and Yellow) tattoo ink.

Lab 2B (7min): Organizing the WynnColor Ink Set both in a line and a circle.

Lab 2C (5min): Digital Color Pickers in procreate and the correlation to the previous labs.

Lab 2D (4min): Using the WynnWheel.

Module Two Lecture: Simplified Color Theory for Tattoo Artists

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LAB 2A: Paint Me A Color Wheel With Tattoo Ink

LAB 2B: OrganIzing The WynnColor Tattoo Ink Set

Lab 2C: Digital Hue Sliders & Color Pickers

LaB 2D: The Wynn Wheel

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