Module 3: Digital Design

**Note: Learn the digital design flow in the module 3 labs, before watching the lecture. 

Lab 3A (11min): Introduce Procreate UI
Lab 3B (4min): 5 Simple WynnColor Procreate brushes
Lab 3C (11min): The WynnWheel Procreate Palettes
Lab 3D (7min): Sketching in colored layers
Lab 3E (6min): Inking/Lining in colored layers
Lab 3F (13min): Coloring using Alpha-Locked blocks
Lab 3G (4min): HSL Blending Modes
Lab 3H (5min): File types, transparency, and scaling.
Lab 3I (6min): Text and the pressure curve.


We apply Modules 1, 2, & 3 into a simple digital design flow. We show how to easily use digital painting to create a new type of digital flash called a Raw Value Map. RVMs act as a topographical, visual roadmap of light and color, which shows how to execute a tattoo with Value. 

Module 3 Lecture: The Raw Value Map - A topographical map of light and color.

Procreate Products

Lab 3A: Introduction to Procreate

LAB 3B: WynnColor Procreate Brushes & Free Alternatives

Lab 3: The Wynn Wheel Procreate Palette system

Lab 3D: Sketching in color Layers

Lab 3E: Drawing Linework in colored layers

Lab 3F: Coloring using Alpha Locked blocks

Lab 3G: Using HSL Blending Modes

Lab 3H: File Types, Transparency, and Up/ Down-scaling

Lab 3i: Adding Text & The Pressure Curve

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