Module 1: Simplified Light Theory

simplified tattoo light theory

We learn a foundation in light/value theory, simplified to five levels, which makes tattooing with value easy. We reduce all of light theory to worrying about one sentence: “How much light is on the object?”. This 5-Value foundation based on how light works, opens up an entire world of simplified and applied color theory.

Reading: Section One of UTFOC 

Lab 1A (9min): Set up a basic procreate file and learn to draw in actual size.
Lab 1B (4min): Create a hi contrast photographic Rose reference in Photoshop Express
Lab 1C (8min): Create a Rose stencil in procreate from our reference.

Lab 1D: (25min): Digital Rose Value study
Lab 1E: (27min): Pen/Paper Rose Value Stud

Module 1 YouTube

Module 1 - Lecture: Tattoo Light Theory Simplified

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LAB 1A: Drawing In actual correct size on an iPad.

Lab 1B: Creating a hi-contrast photographic reference

The Raw 6 - Black Inks

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Lab 1C: Let's create a digital stencil

Lab 1D: Use a value study to study light (ipad)

Lab 1E: Use a value study to study light (paper)

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