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Wynn Color Systems

The Wynn Color System and The Raw Color Code were created by South Florida tattoo artist Faith Wynn.  They were created  to make tattoo art theory and digital design more accessible.

We are forever in gratitude to Raw Premium Pigments for allowing us to create this resource using their Premium Tattoo Pigments.

Faith Wynn

Faith Wynn works in Port Saint Lucie, FL where she focuses on tattooing, learning permanent makeup, painting and running WCS. 

For an appointment, please use the methods listed on the contact page.

Preferred Styles

  • Watercolor
  • Painterly Color
  • Soft B&G
  • Dot Work


  • Floral
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Pop Art 

Full Bio

Background & Education: 

Growing up in Rockville, Maryland, Faith was considered a computer logic and patterns prodigy.  She later got a Bachelors in Psychology from UMBC (‘04) and a Master’s from John’s Hopkins University in Object Oriented Programming and Web Application Development (‘08). 

Previously working as an Assistant Director of IT, at age 30 she decided she wanted to follow her heart, walking away to make music and art.  After 3 years as a guitar teacher, she decided to give up music and focus solely on body art.

She is the daughter of a big business juggernaut / fashionista and a watercolor painter / fine artist.


Early Career:

Faith did her first apprenticeship in 2013 and second in 2020.  But Faith has always feat the pull of technology and education. Struggling for almost a decade to find a place to really learn, in 2021 she wrote and illustrated  “Unlocking The Freedom Of Color in a effort to make it easier for others.

Exert from “Unlocking The Freedom Of Color”:

The art and tattoo bug bit me almost a decade ago. I know learning
tattoo art theory doesn’t have to be as hard or take as long as it took me.
This book is for anyone who doesn’t know where to go next in order to

I created The WynnColor System to be:
• practical and applied
• easy and fast to learn
• easy and fast to use
• simple, but never basic
• reliable, to work every single time
• affordable
• the most fun way to learn body art
Ultimately, the information in this book took the fear out of working
with color and set me up for a more successful career in body art.
What style of body art you choose to create, I leave completely up to you.
Art saves lives everyday and everyone deserves a chance to learn.
Equal-opportunity tattoo art education.
Art Is For Everyone.”