Collection: Yellow Green (YG1)

Mixing group YG1 is home to five Yellow Greens. These are sometimes called “Warm” Greens, to differentiate them from Neutral/Secondary and Cool/Emerald Greens found as more Blue is added.  

Kawasaki Green(4) is an intense vivid medium Yellow Green, which makes it our main YG, and the most versatile for mixing with any other color.  It’s our go-to for desaturating the Red Violets across the wheel, and for pulling Greens into the warmth.  

Currency(1) is a very light muted pastel that works great in foliage highlights and really stands out as a unique and pretty color.  It’s the lightest Green in the set, with lots of yellow in it, and it works in similar ways to the Yellows in Y11 & Y2 mixing groups.

Swamp(8) and Olive(5) are both muted colors which can be mixed with the other Yellow Greens to darken or desaturate them easily and cleanly.   Swamp is significantly more muddy than Olive which is more of a clean-dirty color.  It can be hard to make pretty muted Yellow-Greens, so having these two to mix with Kawasaki and Currency, really brings this color wheel section to life, making the Yellow Greens easier to work with.

Slime Green(3) has a lot of yellow, and a bit of muting to make an almost neon, nuclear Yellow leaning warm Green.  It looks more desaturated than it is, it’s quite intense, but that’s just the nature of this unique section of the color wheel.  We see this quirky effect in Volt as shel in the Y2 mixing group.  It mixes amazing to brighten and reinforce the Yellow warmth of the other colors in this mixing group. It’s out favorite color to mix with other colors in YG mixing group, ma king them unique and able to stand out.