Collection: Y2 Bright Yellow

In mixing group Y2 we find Volt(2).  As we leave Primary Yellow and head towards Blue, the two colors collide seeming to causie a brightened area of the color spectrum between Yellow and Yellow Green.  This is where the ultra bright Yellows like Volt live, sometimes called Highlighter, Lemon, Electric, or Atomic Yellow.  

Raw has given us the electricity charged Volt, with Color vibes just a bit cooler than the Primary Yellow colors in Y1.  This slightly dirty, nuclear, quirky, weird, yet cool & enticing Yellow area of the color spectrum is the brightest of the whole wheel.  Because it’s the brightest part of the color spectrum, Volt can be used for mixing anywhere dramatic, bright Yellow energy needs to be infused into the base color.

Volt can also be used more like a white highlight in warm Yellow and Orange colored areas. White is actually a Blue based color, considered cool, and some artists believe adding White should be avoided for all warm colors like Yw]ellow  Something to think about.