Collection: Y1 Yellow (Primary)

In the Y1 Yellow mixing group we find our Primary Yellow: Bright Yellow(2).  

Yellow is a tricky color as it is lighter than or close to the value of some client’s skin tones.  In addition, Yellow is found as an undertone in many skin types making it seem to sometimes disappear.  

Bright Yellow is a versatile color for mixing, and can be used to pull any color towards Yellow,  adoing bright Yellow intensity to almost any color. 

Darkening or desaturating Yellow inks will allow them to be used on any skin tyoe.  My favorite for cleanly desaturating or darkening Yellows is Toffee, a Light Brown with a Yellow undertone.  If you are struggling with working with Yellow, try angling your machine a bit more than normal and adding Toffee to the mix.

In addition to Bright Yellow we have a muted pastel called Mellow(1).  It’s very light but the desaturation makes it different enough looking to allow it to hold and be seen in the clients skin.  See the Yellow Hue Group write up for more tips on working with Yellow.