Collection: Washes & Other

Here we find two sets of premixed washes: Whitewash & Graywash, which work very well with the 5-value b&g method of The WynnColor System.

Black and the Dark wash cam be used for Shadows (Values 5-Black & 4-Dark).  The medium Washes would be to put in as 3-Middle values and the final 2-Light Value is single pass shaded into the skin.  Put the final touches with the Xtra-Light wash, and a full range of value that mI ics light can easily be created.

The Graywash is premixed black ink with mixing solution to create a wash. The Whitewash set has drops of White added to give a pastel finish that feels ethereal and soft, and does a better job of covering the clients skin tone.  

We also offer the Raw Mixing Solution: a perfect balance of water and witch hazel used to create drop washes.