Collection: WCS Visual Learning Textbook -“Unlocking The Freedom Of Color”

“Unlocking The Freedom Of Color - Value and Color Theory for Tatto Art” by Faith Wynn is a visual learning textbook focused on giving a practical, streamlined, simple, but never basic, version of art theory specifically created for tattoo artists.

The entire book features Raw Premium Pigments organic, powder based, acrylic-free vegan ink, which feels and mixes more like paint than acrylic ink. 

This is the book I needed ten years ago that would have allowed me to understand what other artists were doing, and how to directly apply the same concepts to my tattoo work.

It is also the visual learning textbook for the FREE WCS 6-Module tattoo education courses found on YouTube and

The entire book is hand illustrated by Faith Wynn over the course of 2021.  It was written to be the most accessible (all inclusive) form of art theory for tattoo art available.  Equal opportunity art education for all.

We offer both a printed and a Digital E-Book/PDF version.  

*** The E-Book is also included in the free digital package that comes with the WynnColor Ink Set.