Collection: Violet (V1 & V2)

In the V Violet Hue Group we find mixing groups V1 PurpleV2 Violet.

Violet is the deepest of all the color wheel sections and it is best to approach working with this section  of the wheel with that in mind.  It sits across from Primary Yellow, our lightest value section, making the Violet-Yellow complementary pair the most dramatic in terms of value.  It is found where Blue and Red collide evenly and marks the transition from warm to cool on this side of the color wheel.

Mixing group V2 is our true deep, deep Violet group and you won’t find a deeper moodier more bunch in the whole raw line.  Violet is a deep powerful and regal color that can create drama and depth using only color vibes, in all styles of tattoo work.  

V1 is home to colors more traditionally referred to as “Purple”,  they are pulled just a touch towards Blue to allow them to be lightened more easily and have their vibrant Violet character shine through more brightly.  Purple is a deep but playful color, with equal parts warm and cool, making it very balanced and harmonious within itself.