Collection: V2 Violet

Mixing group V2 is home to deep, deep true Violet, the darkest and most dramatic color on the color spectrum, where Red and Blue fully collide.

If you are looking for pure, clean, true Violet look no further than Purple Space(9).  It is the natuarally darkest color of our 12 color wheel sections which makes it great to give a deep cool mood, that still carries some warmth and excitement with Red in it.  It’s is deeper and richer than the Violets found in V1, which are more like a traditional Secondary Purple.  

Dark Lilac(7) is a slightly less intense and lighter Violet, and this allows its vivid Violet nature to shine through a bit more than the deep & intense Purple Space, which almost looks Black.  I would be more likely to use Dark Lilac strait out of the bottle for a dark valued Violet vs Purple Space I would be more likely to mix into my own colors.

Intolerance(5) is a unique medium valued Violet, which is not easy to accomplish due to the true dark nature of Violet.  It has a tiny bit of Red added, and is lightened and desaturated, to create a muted Violet that becomes versatile in mixing and packed in pure alike.  

Violet is a really hard color to master, period.  It was a source great frustration for me over the years.  I tried Violets from almost a dozen companies, with few breakthroughs.  Raw pulls off this section of the wheel masterfully.  Instead of worrying about getting it in and healing, or even avoiding it, I get to finally focus on the artwork, which is true blessing.