Collection: V1 Purple (Secondary)

In mixing group V1 we find three Blue-Leaning Violets which are labeled as Purples.  They are before the pure collision of Red and Blue, on the Blue side, that create the deep true Violets in group V2. Its easier to create lighter Violets before reaching that point, so Secondary Purples, Lavenders, Mauve, and Amethyst colors, often fall into this Blue Leaning Violet area of the color wheel, we call Purple.

Its no surprise then that we find here our Secondary Purple: Laker Purple (6).  Purple is a lot darker than it looks, so keep that in mind in this area.  The values used to show form and Shadow may be darker overall in this section, vs any other section of the color wheel. . 

Violet is a really hard color to make light, and still have it look good and heal the desired color.  This makes the gorgeous, bright, rich and vivid Amethyst(4) a blessing to have at the ready.  Its great for  both mixing and putting in any bright and clean lighter valued Purples. Both colors mix great with analogous and complimentary colors alike.

Decepticon (8) is a bit deeper, presenting with a bit of a Red-Violet flare, but still feels like it belongs in the V1 mixing group.  Use it in similar ways to Laker and Amethyst, but when you want that warm exciting Red-Violet flare to come through.  It’s a great color for getting just a bit more deep warmth and bold exciting attitude.