Collection: RY2 Orange (Secondary)

In mixing group RY2 Orange we find our true secondary Oranges.  Any colors with a strong Red vibe were placed in RY1 Red-Orange.  

We call these Red Yellows because having 0s and Os in the RawCc was too confusing. RY is synonymous with Orange.

There is classically a soft harder, deep secondary Orange as one enters the Secondary Oranges from Red Orange.  We find Tang(5) filling this role. As we continue towards Yellow, we get a softer & brighter version of Secondary Orange,  Agent Orange(3).

Both Agent Orange & Tang are at full intensity, giving you two very versatile Secondary Oranges (Hard & Soft) to suit all of your mixing needs. 

Dark Orange(6) gives you a deep rich Orange, but it still firmly lIves in the RY2 mixing group, and can Darken either Tang or Agent O.  I reach for it most often in the fall, where falling leaves and pumpkins with gherigli intense, deep & true Oranges are in season.