Collection: RY1 Red-Orange

Mixing group RY1 is home to the Red Yellows, aka Oranges, that have a bold warm, Red character to them.  We’ve labeled this group Red Orange and it’s one of my favorites.  I use it with complementary Blues Greens quite often.

Burnt Orange(7) is an Orange with a Red undertone, which is why it’s been labeled burnt.  There are several paint colors that are made from burnt pigment, which turns it Red, like Burnt Sienna.  That’s an easy way to remember that Burnt Orange has a warm, Red, deep, burning, fiery vibe to it.  It can bring deep heat and fire to any tattoo.  It’s a great color that mixes easily to add depth and warmth to the other Red and Yellow Colors.

Ladybug(6) is a desaturated Red Orange color that is my go-to all star Red Orange.  It can mix with all value ranges and the little bit of clean desaturation really works sell in this area of the color wheel, that’s  mostly dominated by very bright warm colors.  A nice, deep ladybug really holds up well in the warm shadows.

Orange Cream(3) is a stunning and intense bright creamy Orange pastel, that makes one want a popsicle (or two). It has a ton of pure Orange hue coming through, but the slight warm Red vibe it gives off very subtly plants it in the RY1 group.  It can be used to brighten and warm up pretty much any other color in the RY Hue Group.

Sunset(1) is a very light muted pastel, which again has a very warm Red character.  It’s such a beautiful color, one of my favorites, so I’m excited any time it is out in the mix. It can be mixed with other pastels, or with other RY2 mixing group colors, and even packed in pure to a client with right skin tone.