Collection: RV2 Pink

In mixing group RV2 we find five Red-Leaning Red Violets.

We label these as “Pink” because they are where colors like Barbie, Breast Cancer, Bubble Gum, BabyGirl and Playboy are found.  Mixing group RV1 has a much bolder deeper feel from the added Blue. 

We find Bloodberry(9) and Flamingo(5) at full intensity, giving a nice clean deep pink and a clean beautiful medium ink to mix and modify our own colors.

Lady(4) and Dirty Pink(6) have been cleanly desaturated to allow muting of the other inks in the group, or to use as the base color when we want to keep intensity down.  Their desaturation allows them to go into the skin a bit easier and both colors look a lot lighter than they actually are.

Last but not least we have Roseberry (7), which can’t seem to decide if it’s a Red or a Red Violet.  This means it works equally well in RV2 and R1 mixing groups, and allows us to push the hue range and ride the line of either group.  It can be used similar to Dirty Pink, easily muting and pulling any RV2-Magenta or RV2-Pink colors towards Red, or likewise pull any R1-Red towards Blue.