Collection: RV1 Magenta

In mixing group RV1 Magenta we find four Blue leaning Red Violets. 

Both Magenta (8) and Pink Cadillac (6) are at full intensity, making them great for mixing into unique colors.  Magenta is well suited to making Shadows.  Pink Cadillac works great in Middle values, while also turning into a beautiful pastel with a little White added. 

Magenta sits right next to the darkest color, Violet, which we get to in the V Section, so it makes sense how deep Magenta is as well.  As more Red gets added (IE pulling Magenta toward Red) and the collision of the two colors lessens, the color spectrum gets a bit less cool and deep, and we arrive at our warm exciting  “Hot” Pink Cadillac.  

Let’s add in Cotton Candy(2) as a cool yet bold and bright pastel Magenta.   It works for lightening other colors in this section of the wheel, or on its own as a Light value.  It also mixes great with Raw’s other bright pastels, like Amethyst, to create unique pastels of our own.  

Mixing Bright pastels is a lot like mixing full intensity inks (like those we mix on The Wynn Wheel).  All the same rules apply except we are working with all tints and lighter values, so everything stays with the pastel & light valued vibe, and small mixes go a long way.

Don’t underestimate (like I did) what Bazooka(5) can do.  Reminiscent of the old school bubble gum it takes its name from, it’s been very cleanly, yet heavily desaturated.  Its a very clean, dirty color.  Meaning we can easily and cleanly mute Pink Cadillac, Cotton Candy or Magenta with a little bit of Bazooka.  It’s easier this way to keep the base color’s vibe intact while giving it some unique character, or possibly to give them a less intense, more realistic look.

Mixing these four inks together it’s almost impossible to make a bad color, that’s why they all find their home in the Blue leaning Red Violets.

For creating clean shadows look no further than Kawasaki Green or any of its friends in the YG1 mixing group strait across the wheel.