Collection: Red (R1 & R2)

In the R Red Hue Group we find mixing groups R1 Crimson and R2 Red.

Primary Red sits at the top of every WCS chart and diagram, and is home to Primary Red and Blue leaning Reds labeled Crimson. R1 is named Crimson after the classic painter’s Blue leaning Red color: Alizarin Crimson.  Any warmer Orange leaning Reds past Primary Red, are in their own group, the RY1 Red-Orange tertiary mixing group.

The R2 Primary Red group is a bold, bright, exciting, sensual group of colors, that stands out loud in any composition.  R2 gives a pure heat, or fiery warm feeling, and is happy and exciting to look at.  It can also be muddied up to the color of blood and gore, where it quickly becomes intense and sinister.

In contrast, the R1 Crimson group has a deeper, cooler feeling from the added Blue.  These colors come across as sexier, bolder, more sensual, and are more likely to envoke an enticing or desirable feeling, vs the pure joyful bursting energy of Primary Red by itself.  Deepened and darkened further, R1 can also get an evil, hot, devious and devilish vibe to it that can really draw in the viewer.

Raw gives us a range of Reds to meet all those moods right out of the bottle, but mixed together they can be crafted into each of these moody areas of the color wheel with a little practice. 

Use them alone or together to create the Red color vibes you are looking for.