Collection: Raw Premium Pigments - Procreate Palettes

We offer the entire RawCc Color line in digital form to allow artists to find seamless crossover in their colors when going from digital design to skin.  

They are up individually and as a 3-Pack, for convenience and affordability. 

Palette A: [RV12] Cotton Candy - thru - [RY16] Orange Cream 

Palette B: [RY16] Ladybug - thru -  [B12] Baby Blue

Palette C: [B15] Blue Sky - thru - [X] Black.

Each small clickable color swatch has a named color card with its RawCc on it as well, a feature recently added to Procreate.

Each download also contains a canvas palette version as well (P3 - JPG or PNG) which allows picking the colors off the digital canvas.  This can be used while drawing or to create palettes in other programs.

To use the canvas picker in Procreate, simple hold your finger on the canvas and wait for the circle (the canvas color picker) to appear.  If it doesn’t seem to work, this setting may be changed in the Preferences > Gesture Controls menu.  

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