Collection: R2 Red (Primary)

In mixing group R2 we find four Reds that sit close to Primary Red.

Light Red(4) is considered the “Primary Red” of the Raw Premium Pigments color line and that makes it one of the most versatile colors in the set.  It can be used to pull any color towards Red, and also pull any color towards a middle value, at the same time.  

Chevelle(5) is a deeper, cardinal, muscle car, hot, sexy, take on Red that’s been deepened just enough to give it some bold flashy character.  It’s a bit deeper than Primary Red but still very high in intensity.  Chevelle can spice up Light Red a little, and likewise, Light Red can tone down Chevelle a little.

Blood(8) is a cleanly desaturated yet quite muddied up Primary Red.   Chevelle and Blood may have a hint of blue, but it’s not enough to make it read as very Blue leaning cool Red. Blood is great for tattooing it’s namesake, and is also great for deepening other colors like Light Red and Chevelle so they can be used as shadows.  

Plum(9) is a favorite dark Red due to its Black undertone.  If you are looking for a very deep Red that can give a tattoo a lot of depth without adding in black, Plum is your answer.  It goes out anytime Red is in play and that deep contrast is desired.

Together these 4 colors allow a nice value and saturation range out of the Primary Red section of the color wheel.

For complementary colors, look across the wheel to the G1 (Secondary) mixing group.  Forest is a great choice for deep clean shadows, and slip in some OG Green from G2 (Emerald) if going even deeper or wanting a cooler shadow vibe.