Collection: GY1 Golden Yellow

In between our Oranges and Yellows we have the Yellow Orange section of the color wheel, where we find the YG1 Golden Yellow mixing group. It’s easy to spot because it doesn’t look Yellow or Orange, it’s distinctly different from both.  

The Yellows in this group are a lot easier to work with than the other Yellow groups.  This is because yellow is naturally lighter than many skin tones, and a Yellow hue is found in a variety of skin types.  This means we must darken or alter (desaturate, pull) our Yellows to varying degrees with every client.  The added Red in the GY1 mixing group takes some of the edge off learning how to do this.

LIquid Gold(2) is the pure Golden Yellow in the Raw lineup, and works beautifully for mixing.  You may have to alter it slightly to meet your clients skin tone.  My go-to for altering Yellows is also found in this group: Toffee.  

Toffee(4) is a light Light Brown with Yellow Orange undertone, making it a very bright, vivid and clean brown color, but still it has enough desaturation to pull any of Raw’s Yellows into the needed zone for most skin types. It’s easier to keep the base color’s character intact while adjusting to the clients skin tone this way. I’ve put it here, instead of with the other Browns in E1, for this reason.  

Yellow Ochre(3) is a popular earthy painterly color, that works great for creating natural and realistic vibes in many styles of tattoo work.  I think of it as going with other natural and earthy colors like Olive, Downtown Brown, Forest Green, Dark Orange, etc.  Any time you want to add Yellow but keep its brightness contained, keeping realism vibes, look no further than Yellow Ochre.

Last but not least we find Waiting Room(1) which is a very light, very muted, Golden Yellow.  Reminds me of an eggshell, and can be used like the other Yellows.  Either by adding light muted character to them, or as a unique light value with a little know how.