Collection: Green (G1 & G2)

In the G Green Hue Group we find mixing groups G1 Green and G2 Emerald.

G1 is the Secondary or “Neutral” Green mixing group with the warm Yellow-Green and cool Emerald Green on either side of it.  It has a distinct earthy mood and can be used in foliage and nature pieces to give tattoos a natural look.  Pair these Greens with other Earth tones like the E1 browns for a distinctive nature and outdoor feeling.

G2 is home to Blue leaning Emerald greens which have been pulled slightly away from mixing group G1 towards Blue.  I think of the Emerald City of Oz, with deep rich cool Greens and get a feeling of cool, glassy, ethereal energy.  Emerald Greens feel older than the other Greens, like they have a longer story to tell.

Hue Group G, can be used along side the YG1 mixing group to make use of the full range of Green in the color spectrum, creating cool, neutral, and warm Greens.

Use them alone or together to create the Green color vibe you are looking for.