Collection: G2 Emerald

In the G2 Emerald mixing group we find 3 Green colors with just enough Blue added to give them a cool Green vibe, without pulling all the way into BG1 Teal.  I always think of the Emerald City of Oz, and the deep cool shadows often depicted in its artwork, or the deepest, coolest, richest Emerald gemstones.  These Blue Leaning, cool Greens, we’ve thus labeled their group Emerald.

OG Green(9) is a deep Emerald green at full intensity and is great for mixing deep cool Green Shadows or creating dark highly saturated areas of cool Green.  

Raw Green(5) is a pure Emerald green that works great as a middle value and for mixing clean and  cool brighter Greens.  

World Peas(4) is muted Emerald Green pastel that works lovely as a light value.  It can be used to lighten other inks in the area, or be mixed with other pastels to keep things brightly tinted.