Collection: G1 Green (Secondary)

In mixing group G1 Green we find Secondary, or "Neutral”, Greens where Blue and Yellow collide equally.  This Group marks the transition from a warm to a cool feeling on this side of the color wheel.

Forest Green(9) and Hulk Green(6) are both intense Secondary Greens that can be used in many ways, just like the other Primary and Secondary colors.  Anytime you need a little more of a Green vibe in the mix, either of these will get the job done at the desired value range. Forest Green is great for shadows and I go through a lot of it with the amount of botanical work that I do.  It works great for foliage and for cleanly desaturating the R2 Primary Red mixing group.  Hulk and Forest can lighten and Darken each other while keeping the hue firmly Neutral/Secondary.

Cash Out(8) is a deep, rich color that is slightly muted, making it a great out of the bottle color for Green shadows, and works almost like a pre-desaturated Forest Green.   It can be mixed with Forest and Hulk to mute them a tiny bit and make them unique, or to appear more like shadow values.  It may have a bit of a Blue lean to it, but it still feels like a pure Neutral Green vs a warm (Yellow-Green) or cool (Emerald Green) one.