Collection: Blue Violet (BV1 & BV2)

In the Blue Violet hue group we find mixing groups BV1 Indigo & BV2 Blue Violet.

Blue Violet is a very unique color.  It seems to cascade longer than others for some reason, with darker colors showing purple and lighter colors coming through Blue at the same hue degree.

In BV1 Indigo we find Sapphire, a deep dark moody color that is very reminiscent of Blue.  But is different enough to warrant its own group in the RawCc.  It’s like all the dark essence and mood of Blue comes through in BV1, giving us an Indigo.  Indigo is one of the seven colors of the rainbow.

In BV2 we have Pthalo Blue, which has just a little bit of a richer and deeper Violet vibe in its base in the right light.  

Making Blue Violet is tricky, but mixing it from these two colors is not.  Mixing them with Fig and the vibrant purpled in the V1 group will get you some vibrant and luminous Blue Violets. 

I find Blue Violets tend to look muted when they are not, similar to how when Yellow and Blue collide in Volt to make it apear cloudy when it’s not.   So take care not to let their secret intensity throw off a composition.  

INK HACK: Pulling Amethyst and Blue Sky together will get you a Blue-Violet pastel to write home about.