Collection: Blue Green (BG1 & BG2)

In the BG Blue Green Hue Group we find mixing groups BG1 Teal and BG2 Turquise.

These Colors found between Blue and Green and are often both clean, pretty, ethereal, medium and bright colors, or deep intense ocean colors.  The colors in BG1 Teal have a distinct Green vibe which gives them a touch of bright warmth, the coolest of all the colors with a Green vibe.  Teal can be snuck in anywhere where Green is prominently used. 

The BG2 Turquoise mixing group likewise has a distinct Blue vibe to it. It gives a feeling of prettiness, cleanliness, and elegance.  When mixed together, you get an plethora of Blue Greens which can be mixed into any unique Blue Green color of your choice.

For desaturation, my go-to is Ladybug in the RY1 mixing group. This works very well as an all purpose BG complimentary and has a spot on the Wynn Wheel.  

Use them alone or together to create the Blue Green color vibes you are looking for.