Collection: BG2 Turquoise

Mixing group BG2 Turquoise is home to the Blue leaning Blue Greens. 

Turquoise(8) is a pure, deep and intense color which is the go-to deep all star of the Blue Green Hue Group.  It can be used to deepen any color in the BGs.  If ocean life and waters scenes find their way into your artwork, this group will give you that vibe without fail.  To create shadows from any of the BG2 mixing group colors, add Turquoise to deepen and mix in Ladybug from across the wheel in RY1, to lower intensity.

Blue Shine (4) is one of those colors that lives on the edge, in this case the edge of Turquoise and Sky Blue.  It’s a beautiful medium valued ink that can work to push the hue boundaries in both BG2 and B1 mixing groups.  A few drops of Blue Sky or Teal and you can pull it firmly into one or the other as needed.  

Mister Rogers(2) is a heavily muted pastel Turquoise that gives a calm and relaxing feeling.  It works well to lighten and mute other colors in the BG Hue group or by itself as a light value.  Use it with other muted pastels like Waiting Room, Sunset, or Lady, to give subtle vibrancy to more delicate or realistic tattoos.

Cinderella(1) is the lightest Blue Green and is true to the color of its namesake’s Blue dress.  It is a pure, breathtaking Cyan, that works in a similar way to Mister Rogers but with a more clean, ethereal, bright and pure feeling to it. 

By mixing the whole BG Hue group together, we create a range of colors to bring any tattoo to the next level using these popular sought after Blue Green colors.