Collection: BG1 Teal

In the Green leaning Blue Greens, we find two colors in the BG1 Teal mixing group.  Teal(6) is a beautiful and vivid Blue-Green that is spot on for being used as a medium value.  It can be deepened with a little Turquoise from BG2, and then evened out with a little OG Green from G2 (if you want to be sure to keep its Teal/Green character).  It’s pure and intense medium value makes it very versatile for mixing, and this is why it finds itself on The Wynn Wheel.

Bahama (6) is a lighter Teal, pulled just a tiny bit towards Blue, giving it a Caribbean ocean vibe true to its name.  It’s Green character shows through easily, and gives it a color almost like Aqua, which is a light neutral Blue Green.