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#06 The QuickStart Guide - Get Better Faster

The QuickStart Guide and QuickStart Video Course makes WCS more accessible than ever before.

The QuickStart Guide and QuickStart Series Ink Sets allow a faster and more affordable way to learn.

Our goal from the start was to be as accessible to everyone as possible.

The QuickStart Guide condenses the 100pg WCS visual learning textbook into just 20 pages.

It is Appendix C in the WCS textbook so both the full textbook and the QuickStart Guide are included in every book purchase.

You can also download the QuickStart Guide for free if you sign up for the mailing list, which pops up when you enter the site.

This Digital Learning Starter Package contains: 

  • (1) 20p QuickStart Guide E-book
  • (1) 30-Swatch Procreate Palette
  • (1) Hi-Res Printable Wynn Wheel 

The QuickStart video course condenses the WCS 6hr/6module full video program into just 15 minutes.  

We then have a special 5-10min mixing video for each QuickStart Mixing Set featured below.

It’s easier and faster to learn The WynnColor System than ever before.

Collect all four QuickStart Mixing Sets to form a full 30-Bottle WynnColor Education Set.

The first 3 QuickStart Series Ink Sets each focus on one set of complementary colors: A primary color with a secondary color.  

The mixing strategies in the WynnColor System are based around the complementary color grouping in each QS Mixing Set.  We learn to quickly and easily mix 5 values, which are levels of depth & light, using each of the colors in each set.

We end up breaking down the ink set this way anyway, so it’s really the same learning experience, just a bit faster and more affordable.

It gets you started quickly regardless of your level and budget.

RED ROSE:  Primary Red & Secondary Green

We focus on understanding how to mix the three colors in the Red and Green sections of the Wynn Wheel.  We use the mnemonic “Red Rose - Green Leaves” to remember this pair.

DRAMATIC: Primary Yellow & Secondary Violet

We focus on understanding how to mix the three colors in the Yellow and Violet sections of the Wynn Wheel.  We use the mnemonic “Dramatic” to remember this pair because Yellow is the lightest color, while Violet is darkest.  This pair is the trickiest of the three, but they allow us to create drama in our artwork.

SUN: Blue & Orange

We focus on understanding how to mix the three colors in the Blue and Orange sections of the Wynn Wheel.  We use the mnemonic “Blue Water - Orange Sun” to remember this pair.


The 4th TERTIARY set fills in the rest of the WynnColor Set and allows us to also mix 3 complementary pairs of tertiary color.

We pair three Red-Violets with Yellow-Green from the Red Rose Set.

We pair two Blue-Greens with our red-Orange from the Sun Set.

We pair Golden Yellow with Blue-Violet from the Dramatic Set.

We learn to use Brown and also how to turn it into Gray.

The heart of WCS lies in making mixing ink more accessible to everyone.

We allow artists to have less fear and more fun creating body art.  The QuickStart Series is recommended for advanced artists and beginner artists alike.  

The QuickStart video course does not replace the full 6-module course, but it is a great way to get started with WCS.


By collecting all four QuickStart Mixing Sets, you get all 30 bottles of ink in The WynnColor Set.

The QuickStart Sets all come with a digital learning package which includes:

  • (1) 20p QuickStart Guide PDF
  • (1) Procreate Brush 5-Pack
  • (1) Wynn Wheel Procreate Palettes 5-Pack
  • (1) Getting Started PDF with links to all resources.

The QuickStart Digital Package is not as robust as the full set, but it still contains some very power resources and tools.  It’s targeted at artists who want to get a feel how the system works, want a faster track, or even an easier price tag.

We want all artists, at all levels, on any budget, to be able to learn and apply the WynnColor System to their design flow in any way they see fit. There’s really something here for everyone to run with and that’s what WCS is all about: Accessibility. 

At Wynncolor.com, Art Is For Everyone!

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