#01 Tattoo Synergy: Tattoo Ink & Tech-Education - WynnColor

#01 Tattoo Synergy: Tattoo Ink & Tech-Education

The WynnColor System & The Raw Color Code offer a new unique way to learn and create body art.

WynnColor tattoo ink set from the fromy

Raw Premium Pigments has stepped up to help give artists what they deserve: more.

Raw Pigments has allowed WynnColor to use their ink line to create a free education program and release the first educational tattoo ink set in tattoo history.

Let’s be real. We create permanent artwork on a human canvas in a industry with a high pressure towards perfectionism. A lot of artists shy away from working with color, but it doesn’t have to be as hard some people make it.

Last year I asked several ink companies to step up and take responsibility for making it easier for artists to learn and to use their ink. Who better to help tattoo artists come together and learn more about art than than the company that makes the ink? Since artists are binding together into small communities to learn and get better. Why not build a learning program with a color system based on the exact colors of ink being used, to make it seamless and a whole lot easier for everyone?

What makes Raw Pigments and WynnColor different from other companies? We are artists too, and are working together towards a common goal: we want artists to have the tools and resources needed to be successful. We will put in the time, to save you time.

The Wynncolor set: the first tattoo ink set

The WynnColor Set is the first tattoo ink set to come its own structured art and digital design education program, at no extra cost to the artist.

In fact, the video programs are free regardless as to whether you buy from us or not.

We do give a digital learning package catered to the Raw Pigments ink line to anyone who purchases a WynnColor set. It makes learning easier that way and learning is and always will be free at WynnColor.com. Come to learn; Stay to create.

The WynnColor Set is an affordable 30-bottle educational tattoo ink set that can be purchased all at once, or by collecting all four 8-bottle QuickStart mixing sets.

In the learning program we create a special simplified color wheel (The Wynn Wheel) and learn to apply just 3 secret mixing strategies that allow us to get real value in color, much more easily. We combine that with digital design and are able to cover advanced concepts in a more accessible way, by always focusing on practical and applied learning.

It all just works.

The Wynn Color System (WCS) is a free, one-of-a-kind, art and digital design education platform.

WCS creator Faith Wynn has a knack for creating simplified systems out of complex patterns, making the WynnColor System unlike anything else out there. It is truly one-if-a-kind.

It is the simplified 5-value system of light, combined with the strait forward, visually guided, matter-of-fact teaching style, that makes WCS accessible and hard to misinterpret. WCS goes through everything step by step, building upon itself to accomplish a single goal: a consistent 5 values in color, built on a b&g foundation.

We purposefully do not emphasize any style, instead teaching concepts that are universal. This way, artistic growth happens as whole, improving in all styles by simply gaining general understanding. The 6 modules in the free learning program, set you up with a practical and applied base knowledge of everything you need to be successful.

In addition, the WCS platform was all designed from the ground up to be learned under the hustle of a working as a tattoo artist. The information is broken down into short reading sections and short videos. This makes it possible to fit learning into to an already very busy schedule.

WCS visual learning textbooks for tattoo art

“Unlocking The Freedom Of Color - Value and Color Theory for Tattoo Art.” by Faith Wynn (UtFOC) 

UtFOC is the WCS 120p visual learning textbook, and is being officially published when this blog goes live. 

UTFOC, written over the course of one year in 2021, is meant to be the most accessible learning resource available. Our goal from the start was to create something that all levels and types of artists could benefit from.

Another goal in writing “Unlocking The Freedom Of Color”, was to explain art and tattooing using only visual learning. It builds upon itself, as we build charts and diagrams together, creating a simplified system of light and color to base tattoo artwork off of. This emphasis on breaking down how things really work allows us to simplify them and adapt them practically to our needs. 

In 2021, we added The QuickStart Guide, along with four 8-bottle QuickStart ink sets.

We wanted to offer an affordable option and a fast track to help artists start mixing color faster and with greater success. Collecting all four 8-bottle QuickStart mixing sets will form the complete WynnColor Set. This will allow artist at all levels to be able to afford and try The WynnColor System.

We believe creating body art can be easier, faster, and more fun to learn. To prove it, we have created the most comprehensive ink set on the market.

We strive always to be:

  • easier and faster to use and learn
  • simple, never basic
  • 100% reliable
  • inexpensive
  • practical and applied
  • far and away the most fun way to design and execute tattoo art


In 2022 we have added The Raw Color Code (RawCC) and have begun to establish it, along with The Raw Value Map (RVM-Flash), as a unique way to design and execute tattoo art.

The Raw Color Code (RawCc) is a tool that allows tattoo artists to quickly understand more about the Raw Premium Pigments color ink line.  Each color now has a unique Raw Color Code which will allow artists to use color tattoo ink in ways that were impossible before.

The RawCc starts with the Main Hue or Color Type [one or two letters] followed by the color’s hue subgroup number [1 or 2], called it’s Mixing Group; The second number represents the color’s Value as either Bright [1-3], Medium [4-6], or Deep [7-9].  This allows a quick glance to get any color’s hue/type, which way the color is leaning, and how light or dark the color is. 

The new RawCc Posters (digital and printed) show the artist these 3 color aspects in three different patterns:  a new RawCc Color Wheel, a Value Grid and 27 Swatch Stacks. All three patterns feature the same color accurate swatches which match the Raw Premium Pigments ink line.  

We believe the RawCc is an invaluable tool that artists will quickly benefit from using while creating body art.

The whole system was designed around a simplified digital design flow, using the 23 colors mentioned, to quickly create a new unique type of tattoo design.

These designs can be tattooed using the entire Raw Pigments ink line, which leaves a huge open space for individual artistic creativity, even with the same simplified design process. The WynnColor 5-Palette system teaches to design using 23 colors at full saturation, which correlate directly to the RawCc full collection procreate palettes.. This becomes a form of tattoo flash shorthand, a topographical map of light, color and form: a Raw Value Map or RVM. Developed to allow the first simplified worldwide collaboration as a type of tattoo shorthand.

When tattoo ink meets technology and education, you get tattoo synergy: Raw Premium Pigments & Wynn Color Systems. Two companies bring you ink, with real value.

** WCS is accessible to all skill levels because at WynnColor.com:  Art is for Everyone.

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