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🙌 I am going to keep the program open to three more artists at a 80% off discount. 🙏

A lot of tattooists are struggling to connect with new clients these days. I’ve felt like that too, many times.

So I do understand very well how it feels to be in that situation and the struggles that it comes with.

But I’ve found a modern way to solve that problem and I’m here to share it with you!

After 3 years of testing, learning programs, and trial and error... about a year ago I finally developed and started using the

Tattoo Bookings UNLIMITED System

I haven't had to worry about where my next client will come from ever since then.

And now, I’m teaching how I did it to tattooists all over the USA… and I can do the same for you.

It's as simple as that.

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Tattoo Bookings UNLIMITED

The Ultimate Automated Tattoo Client Attraction

& Proven Streamline Booking System.

1-Day Onboarding Process Has Most Tattooists

Generating Daily Automated Tattoo Leads

Within 2-4 Days.

It depends on your local market and quality/level of tattoo work, but the artists I coach are getting on average 30+ new leads per week & 100+ per month.

Which means you can start booking consults and appointments in as little as the first week into the program.

I am offering the program at 87% off the launch price to the first 5-10 tattooists who join the community.

My Passion Is Helping Tattoo Artists Learn To Achieve Greater Success!

UNLIMITED Tattoo Clients! 

Greater Success! 

Sustainable Predictable Growth!

No More Worrying!

Consistent Income!

Peace Of Mind!

Higher Incomes!

More Time With Family!



The List Goes On And On My Friends!

This System Training Is Currently Only Available For Licensed & Apprenticed Tattooists.

I am Currently Only Taking On Clients From The USA.

Benefits & Features

Streamlined One-On-One Onboarding Support


Create your unique offer in a single day with our help.

One-On-One Guided Tattoo Client Attraction Setup


We start putting your unique offer in front of the right audience at the right time, Most of our clients start getting daily quality tattoo leads within a 2-4 days of joining the program.

Weekly Group Q&As Or Video Trainings


Once the tattoo requests are coming in daily, we use group zoom Q&As to help answer any questions you have about the program.

Exclusive Members Community


Gain access to other members insights and journeys to better understand your own!

Lifetime Access To The UNLIMITED Training Vault


The Training Vault is still being built, but you will gain early access to it by being an early investor, along with an insane price break.

Forget Other So Called “Solutions” Loaded With Monthly Bills And Lifetime Fees

This is Not A Subscription App That Holds Your Bank Account Hostage


Ever wonder why everything is a subscription these days? It's so that when you buy a product, you have to pay for it basically forever.That's not what is happening here.We are building a community, we are not after you bank account.

Agencies That Don’t Care About You Or Your Business


I take the time to work individually with each person that joins the program.

Some Guru Who Has Lost Touch With The Core Industry


Join an exclusive community of like minded tattooists who are abandoning the old, slow, inconsistent and time consuming methods of growing their tattoo business.And instead, are generating automated leads daily, and booking them quickly and easily... with this exclusive Tattoo Client Attraction & Booking system built for 2024!

Meet T.B.U.S. Creator: Faith Wynn

My name is Faith Wynn and I've been tattooing off a on since 2013. I’ve been studying business, sales and marketing through mastermind, video courses and online group-coaching since 2020.

I spent 9 years chasing clients and working for other people and was always struggling to fill my books and pay my bills. I was working long hours and nothing was changing. I had no clue how business, marketing or sales worked I just chased clients and money all day long like I was told to.

Since creating this system over the last year, I am on track with a 6 figure run rate in my second year open simply by using this simple client booking system. My studio and company is growing and I’m happier than I’ve ever been doing the job that I love .

And guess what the #1 thing I've learned throughout this entire journey is...? 👉 You don't need to dance on social media, grind endlessly, or rely on word of mouth to establish yourself, in order to be a tattoo artist .

I barely remember to post my work because I’m so overwhelmed with the amount of business I get every week...

Once you understand how to quickly research, create, build, test, run and scale a profitable ad, the sky is the limit as far as what you can achieve. AND THAT RIGHT THERE is what inspired me to make this course and launch Tattoo Bookings UNLIMITED and create the world's fastest e online platform for professional tattooists to quickly develop the skills required in 2024 to find and book clients and END THE GRIND .

But I get it, you probably don't really care about who I am and why I created this platform... Right now, all you care about is CAN I ACTUALLY HELP YOU! Well, since I developed this system my income grew from less than $1k a month to an average of up to $8k every month since I optimized it.

in 2023 I started in a new city, with brand new social media, no clients, knew no one and simply rented a single room out of a hair salon. I made $80k in my first year open doing exactly what's in this program, which is the best I've ever done.

I am continuously blown away at just how easy it is to run a hugely profitable ad when you follow this actionable, simple, proven step-by-step process. I hope you're as excited as I am for you to begin this journey!

I currently handle the full onboarding, training and support systems and look forward to meeting you soon!

Who WILL Benefit From This Program?


Specifically those who want to quickly learn how to get more bookings and make more money!

Tattooists Who Want More Time

If you’d like to stop searching and worrying about clients, and start working on the fly from your phone, instead of sitting in a shop… welcome to freedom fellow Tattooers!

Tattooists that feels STUCK!

Last I checked this was our dream job right?  So why does it feel like it’s going nowhere?At least, I know that’s how I felt a year ago and now, with this system, I got my career AND my life back on track. And so can you!

Tattooists who believes there must be a better and easier way

If I said creating this system was easy I would be lying.  It was the hardest year of my life but I knew I could figure it out and now that I have, I’m on a mission to change as many tattooist’s lives as I can.

Tattooists tired of sitting in a shop

If you’d like to stop searching and worrying about clients, and start working on the fly from your phone, instead of sitting in a shop… welcome to freedom fellow Tattooers!

Tattooists tired of working for others

With this system it is easy to increase your income and also you value to the studio you are at.  At the same time, it’s much easier to make 6 figures if you are working in your own space.  This system will allow you to generate enough revenue to do just that.

Who Will NOT Benefit From This Platform?

Artist Unwilling To Learn, Listen And Try New Things

The year I spent figuring out how to do this was the hardest of my career.  I am giving it back to the tattoo community I care so much about so that no one else has to do what I just did to bridge the gap. If you can not listen or make time to learn these simple repeatable processes that have been proven to work day in and day out, then I do not have time to teach them to you.

You do not need more clients and do not want to increase your income.

I mean if you good, you good right? If you are already making 6-figures there will be a higher level course on its way for artists who want to scale to 7-figures.

You are not willing to invest a small amount of money to make a lot of money.

The Meta platform has the leads you want but you have to pay for them.  If you use the trainings and scripts I give you, you will book more clients.  But it will take a certain volume to reach a new “comfort zone” where booking this way feels natural and normal.  I find that due to the randomness of people booking and also the momentum of return customers and referrals… it takes about 90 days to feel a sense of trust that “Wow, this really isn’t going to stop.  There’s always clients in the pipeline and there’s always more coming.”The way I like to put it is what if every time you needed a client all you had to do was hand me $20?  Because that’s essentially what’s happening when you boil it down.

You are not willing to be respectful and help other people in the program.

We invite you to come in to learn and doing so may even change your life, through learning new skills and elevating your level of thinking. But I warn you to leave the rest outside our doors.I have zero tolerance for literally any bullshit, hate, or drama in this community. If I said creating this system was easy I would be lying.  It was the hardest year of my life but I knew I could figure it out and now that I have, I’m on a mission to change as many tattooist’s lives as I can.

You want “Easy Money”

If you’d like to stop searching and worrying about clients, and start working on the fly from your phone, instead of sitting in a shop… welcome to freedom fellow Tattooers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tattoo skill level is this system for?

The more skilled you are as a tattooist, the easier it will be to leverage paid advertising through Meta. If you are already doing the job and making money but want more or different clients, this will 100% be the answer you are looking for.Ultimately, You can run a profitable ad at any level but you must be able to get the clients the desired tattoo results.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

The full live program is scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2024 at the latest. By being one of the 10 artists joining the pre-release, you will gain access to the course for life. As an early investor you will gain access to the system before anyone else and be able to give feedback as we build the Value Vault.

Do I need to have marketing and sales experience before starting?

If you are a tattooist then marketing and sales is a part of your job already. Sometime the shop will handle it but for the most part you are your own small business. In this course you will learn how to market and sell a tattoo quickly and easily all on your own regardless of prior experience,I thought I was good at selling tattoos before learning what’s in this course.. but I’d say I’m at least 10x times better at it now.

How much do I have to spend in ads and how much will I make back?

While we can’t guarantee individual results I am able to achieve 10-16x return on my investment each month. The minimum you can run on facebook to get results will vary but will likely fall between $10-20 a day. It depends on the amount of ads being run in your area,So on average you need about $400-500 to run each month. There’s no need to spend more in the beginning as you need to practice the sales and booking systems before scaling.

I’m currently able to turn this amount into $7-10k but in my first month I made only $2k back and then scaled quickly to $7k from there in 3 months. In 6 months I was making $7-1k like I am now from about $400-600 per month in adspend.It would be a good idea to save more than that to give yourself a buffer to learn the sales part of the program. Some people get it in their first week, some it may take a few weeks depending on your personality and how well you follow the trainings.

Consistent. Predictable. Scalable. Trackable. Results… Guaranteed.

I Guarantee You Will Get People Messaging You For Tattoos Every Day

I Guarantee Some Of Them Will Book Tattoos With You

I Guarantee There Are Many More Benefits To This Program

If you follow the program and go through all of the content in the Value Vault, leverage all of the support channels, and do not get results, you will receive a full refund.

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